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More and more teams working in digital around the world are moving to remote locations and moving meetings to a video format. As a rule, everyone needs a simple video conferencing tool that meets these requirements:

stable operation;

easy screen-sharing;

ability to send a file to all team members;

security of personal data.

Each of the described services is good in its own way:

In 2015, according to experts, there will be about 6,000 conferences on user behavior. That's just on Earth. Many will be good, many will be great. That's some serious competition, isn't it? Are you going to organize an event just for the sake of the event, or do you know you really need one?

Organizing conferences is more expensive than you realize. In order not to go broke, first make sure there is demand. You can start with an inexpensive reconnaissance event - organize discussions on social media. You can learn a little bit about demand and get a chance to talk to people about your idea of a conference. Or, as Jeff Crum advises:

The best conferences I've seen focus on initially building and supporting the community, and then organizing events for their face-to-face meetings already. This leads to more energetic conferences where people want to get involved, not just have to be there.

- Jeff Crum (Delight Conference).

For the Enterprise UX 2015 conference, we're already reaching out to audiences in a variety of ways, including organizing monthly discussions and consultations. We first discussed the idea of the conference with many of our interlocutors on several social networks, and their reactions were something like, "Well, finally someone is doing it!"

2: Decide on the type of event

Jared Spool identifies five types of events. Type greatly influences program design, venue selection and ticket prices, not to mention other things.

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